Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs Opportunity ( Assistant , Labour Inspector ,Nursing Assistant Psychologist) in punjab

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Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs Opportunity ( Assistant , Labour Inspector ,Nursing Assistant Psychologist)

LIVESTOCK & DAIRY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT SR. NO. CASE NO. & NO. OF POSTS ASIC SCALE. NAM r& NATURE OF POST MINIMUM QUALIFICATION r I EXPERIENCE GENDER, DOMICILE & AGE I PLACE OF POSTING I TEST (IF HELD) SYLLABUS FOR WRITTEN EXAMINATION! 212 04.RK/2020 02-POSTS Open Merit k 01 Women Quota r 01 IBS-16I Bachelor's Degree (14 years education) from a recognized University. Male: 1810 25.5 k 30 Years Female: I B to 25+8 = 33 Years Age and sex of the transgender will be based on the contents of their CNIC OFNDFIR• Male. Female & Transgender One paper MCQ type varten test of 100 marks and 90 minutes duration comprising of General Knowledge Including Pakistan Studies. Islamic Studies (Ethic for Non-Muslim candidates), Current Affairs. Geography. Basic Mathematics, English, Urdu, Everyday Science and Basic Computer Studies. ASSISTANT (03 Years Contract) D12141C1LB: All Punjab PLACF OF POSTING' rY Directorate General (Ext.) Livestock & Dairy Development. 16-Cooper Road. Lahore LABOUR & HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF LABOUR WELFARE PUNJAB SR NO. CASE NO. NO. OF POSTS I S BASICSCALE, NAME & NATURE OF POST MINIMU EXPE QUM ALIFIRIENCECATION / I I ACE I GPELNADCEERO.DFOPMOISCnILNEG& SYLLABUS FOR ST WR (IF TEN EXAMINATION/ I HELD) 213 12-RIW2020 17-POSTS Open Ment • 13 Special Person = 01 Minority Quota = 01 Women Quota = 02 .1 (145.14) t AROUR INSPFCTOR Bachelors Degree (Second Division) from a recognized university Male: 20 to 25 • 5= 30 years Female: 20 to 25 + 8 = 33years Special Person: 20 to 25 • 10 • 35 years Age and sex of the transponder wil be based on the contents of their CNIC. CiFNOFR; Male. Female 8 Transgender DOWN Fl All Punjab Basis PLACE OF POSTING' One Paper MCQ type GeneralAbility Witten Test of 100marksand 90minutesdurationcomprising Questions relating to General Knowledge including Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Islamic Studies (Ethics for non-Muslim Candidates), Geography, Basic Mathematics, English, Urdu, Everyday Science and Computer Studies. (On Regular Basis) Anywhere in Punjab POLICE DEPARTMENT (SPECIAL PROTECTION UNIT), PUNJAB I MINIMUM QUALIFICATION / EXPERIENCE AGE t GENDER. DOMICILE & PLACE OF POSTING • .1 ••••• 1 • I I, •• /. TEST (IF HELD) SR. NO. CASE NO. & NO. OF POSTS I I I BASIC SCALE. NAME & NATURE OF POST 214 84.1iG2020 18 -00575 Including 01 posts reserved fors pecial person. 01 post reserved for Minority Quota and 03 posts reserved for VVomen Quota 051-1.11 NURSING ASSISTANT i) 2ndDenson in Intermediate (Pre-Medical) from a r1acognized Board/Institution. ii) Two years Diploma in NursingAssistant from institution /recognized board Male: 18 to25 • 05= 30 years Female: 18 to 25 • 08= 33 years GENDER' Male & One paper MCQ type written test of 100 Marks having 90 minutes duration. The proportion of Questions in the MCO Test shallbeapproximately:- i)Twoyears Diploma in Nursing Assistant (80%) JO GeneralAtility includes (20%) General Knowledge. Pakistan Studies. Current Affairs, Everyday Science. Islamic Studies (Ethics for Non-Muslim candidates),Basic Mathematics, Engksh, Urdu and Basic Computer Studies Female DOMICILE: (On Contract Basis for a Period of 03 Years) All Punjab Basis F9 ACF OF POSTING' Anywhere in Punjab 215 65.RG12020 02-POSTS (11$2171 EtS31C1101.0a1S_T (On Contact Basis for the period of 03 years) I) M Sc. or MS Clinical Psychology (Second Division) from a University recognized by Higher Education Commission. OR ii) M.Sc. in Psychology or Applied Psychology or Behavioral Sciences (Second Division) from a University recognized by Higher Education Commission. OR III) BS (four years) (Second Division) having athance diploma in Clinical Psychology from a University recognized by the Higher Education Commission Male: 23 to 35 + 05= 40 years Female: 23 to35 • 08-43 years GFNOFR• Male 8 One paper MCO Type Written Test of 100 Marks having 90 minutesduration. The proportion ofOuestions in the MCQ Testshallbeapproximately:/ a) Clinical Psychology/ (80%) Psychology/Applied Psychology/ Behavioral Sciences/Advance diploma in Clinical Psychology b) General knowledge Inctudes (20%) Pakistan Studies, CurrentAffairs. Islamic Studoes(Ethafor Non-Muslim candidates). Geography. Basic Mathematics. English. Urdu. Everyday Science Female DOMICILE,: All Punjab Basis PLACES2E2M1183; Anywhere in Punjab GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS (WRITTEN TEST/INTERVIEW) DISCI RIMER If any Instruction a veil tile on the Website or Advertisement is found contradictory to the relevant Law. Rules and Regulations and Policy Decisions. the relevant Law. Rules and Regulations and Policy Decisions will prevail over the Instructions. CAUTION 1. To appear in test/interview only Original Valid CNIC issued by NADRA will be accepted. No other Identification document will be acceptable. 2. Applicants are actiesed to read all terms and conditions/ instructions of the Advertisement as wet as almportanUGeneral Instructions to Candidates" given on PPSC website carefully in order to submit their Online Applications complete In all respects. The onus' responsibility of correctness of the data given in the OntineApptication Form will rest squarely on the candidates. 3. Applicants are required to submit "On-line Application Form" by the Closino Date which is 03-08-2020 up to Please refuse to engage with any person who may offer to help you get selected. Have faith in your own ability and trust in ALLAH (SWT) In case any dubious person contacts you for providing undue favour in written examination or interview, please immediately contact the following tion'able Members of the Commission at once:- • Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Khan, Member PPSC, (E-mail nkember17@ppsc pep pk. Tel: 042-99202756) • Mr. Amjad Javid Saleemi. Member PPSC, (•melt member6@ppsc.gop.pk. Tel. 042.99202751) Your name will be kept secret and no prejudice will be caused to you. 12:W AM (Midnight), Applicants should fill in the On-line Application Form carefully in the light of the Guidelines and InstructionsmentionedintheAdverbsement for the said post and "important/General Instructions to Candidates". 4. Editing options. to correct any data in the On-line Application Form, will be available to the candidates till the Closing Date of submissionof Online Applications. 5 Negative marking shall be done and 0.25 mark shall be deducted for each incorrect answer in all Objective (MC 0) papers 6. For all posts to be filled through written test followed by interview or interview alone. the number of chances shall be restricted to three. However, if a candidate qualifies the interview but cannot be recommended for appointment due to shortage of vacancies, hischance shall not be considered aS 8 Ws lied whereas chance of a candidate who does not qualify the written test or interview shall be considered as availed. For the post of Lecturer in Education Department. a candidate who isapplicant for more than one subject. shall be allowed three chances in each subject forwhich he/she is a candidate in accordance with above laid down policy. 7 In case. a candidateclaimsexperience of private firm / entry, he / she must bring proof al the time of interview that the firm . entity is registered with SECR Registrar of Firms or any other Regulatory Authority, failing which his/ her application shall be rejected. 8. The candidates will ensure that alter applying for a particular post they win mmediately apply for Departmental Permission Certificate/NOG in their concerned Departments) and provide the Departmental Permission CertificaterNOC at the time of Interview(f called). 9 The candidates just after applying for a particular post advertised by PP SC will ensure that they have obtainedapplied for registration in PEC/PNC/PMDC/PVMC or other relevant body for Registration Certificate before the Closing Date and providethe same at the time of interview (if called). 10. The candidates will ensure that they will provide marks obtained / total marks or percentage certificate of all degrees at the time of interview. CGPA isnot acceptable. 'Lail Si. Legfifiliyelpaciaiz-,CALI,T,64,14,10a_441(514_31Arcaitc„.eyrep,bei AferASAM-Xiia„C !u-Liz.-4/44P4A-41/41P4451.tlictraCCIfizo•thl Y -?-1.14.4 direfefikelfilitflikler-a01./00}YAXSZLLAILle--1914tThent-Member17©POSC9000 :LK'S 042-99202756:A2d (LC4/440,4444-81.1.0 .1 Iiilember6gippsc.gcppk :AO 042-99202751 2p).% (LcLAI4P/44:04-444f41 .2 4.44464,e) trier Cblict CLOSING DATE 3rtlAugust FOR 2020 APPLICATIONS - IMPCRTANT/GE,NERAL INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES ' visit PPSC website: www.ppsc.gop.pk ii. It is mandatory for Applicants to deposit Rs.600/- under HeadTCO2101. ORGANIZATIONS OF STATE-TEST FEE REALIZED BY THE PUNJAB PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION', in any Branch of State Bank of Pakistan or National Bank of Pakistanor Government Treasury on or beforethe Closing Date of submission of applications • In case. the requisition of any Post Is withdrawn by the Administrative Department after receipt of armlications. MUHAMMAD NAWAZ KHALID ARBI SECRETARY UAN NO. 042-111-988-722 SPL-869 E-mail: ppsc@punjab.gov.pk website: WNW. ppsc. gop. pk In the Commission, the candidates ftotthat particular post can use Paid Treasury Challan of the withdrawn Dist against any other Post lOnce). advertised by the Commission withinthe next One Year • Special Persons are not required to dep.osit application fee. • Applicants residing outside Pakistan. but having Domicile of the Punjab will deposit the fee at the Pakistani Embassy of residing country In the currency of that country equivalent to the amount of Application! Test Fee prescribed for the post. • No Bank Draft or Pay Order or Cheque or any such Instrument will be accepted as fee by the Commission. 12. 1=±11g'slsW necti elks. e; 042-99202762, 99200161, 99200162, Rawalpindi: 0 51-51 58095 Faisalabad: „ lit Vol,;(1aftl/At I . - ii.:1 C,C4Lriliirnke/GiakiJAJIP:114.4‘ Li.)/3 10,1; 041-9330713. Sargodha• 0403259710. Soften: 061-9330354. Pahawalmic 062-2881162. 0 Khan. 064-9260410