NTS old papers of Assistant Director ( NAB ) NTS Model Paper of National Accountability Bureau in islamabad

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NTS old papers of Assistant Director ( NAB ) NTS Model Paper of National Accountability Bureau
This Paper is helpful for Assistant Director NAB , Assistant Director FIA, Inspector Customs, Inspector FIA , PPSC , FPSC , KPKSC, BPSC , AJK PSC and other competitive exams
1 Ricardo Lagos Escobar was the President of (a) Venezuela (b) Argentina (c) Chi:e (d) Colombia
2. What do you understand by 'Laissez' fade? (a) Active intervention (b) Sound commercial affairs (c) Interference by the state in law and order. (d) None of these 3 'Essay on the Life of Muhammad (PBUH)" is written by (a) Shard Miyahud (b) Tufail Ahmed (c) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (d) Aflame tribal
4. Who was the first Canadian woman in space? (a) Dirk Fremont (b) Marc Comeau (C) Roberta Bonder (d) Arnaldo Tarnayo Mendez
5. fMro was the first Canadian in space? (a) Dirk Fremont (b) Roberta Bonder (c) Toyohdo Akiyarna (d) Marc Gamcau
8 Who among the following received Nobel
Prize Mice for the two different subjects-, (a) Frederic Jolit (b) Fredenc Sanger (C) Stanley Cohen 413 Merle Curie
7. The shortest over of the world is located in (a) USA (b) UK (c) Congo (d) Russia 8. The deepest lake is in Sibena (a) Baikal Lake (b) Superior Lake (c) Huron Lake (d) Aral Sea
9. Which is the largest lake of the world? (a) Caspian Sea (b) Superior Lake (c) Huron Lake (d) Arai Sea 10 Which is the largest gulf? (a) Arabian Gulf (b) Gulf of Meskm (c) Gulf of Oman (d) None of the above
11 What Is 'Great Bear'? (a) Waterfall (b) Lake (c) Sea (d) Animal
12 Who discovered South Pole? (a) Cabot (b) Robert Peary (c) Amundsen (0) None of these
Advanced FPSC .8 Other Model Paper% laded." means (a) Truce (b) Peace (c) Uprising (d) None of these .
What do you understand by In Camera? (a) In e Judge's private room (b) Face to face (c) In the same place (d) None of these State of Kashmir was purchased by Ghulab Singh for (a) Rs 8.5 million Rs.7.5 rndbon (c) Rs.9.5 million (d) Rs.5.5 million
1. Who was the painter of Mona Lisa? (a) Leonardo da Vine' (b) FA. Berthed (c) Henry Smith (d) None of these 7. What is the length of the Motorway-8? (a) 487 km (0) 895 km (e) 491 km (5) 437 km 8. Who was Zhelyu Zhelev? (a) President of Moldova (b) President of Boland (c) President of Ukraine (d) President of Bulgaria 19. On which date this brae (Nobel Prize) is awarded? (a) Them is no fixed date (b) December
31. every year (c) December 10, every year (d) January 1. every year 20. VVIio was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize? (a) C.V.Raman (5) R.N. Tagore (c) Mother Teresa (d) IA Bunn
21. What do you understand by Ultima ratio? (a) Final argument (b) Final result (c) An affair of the heart (d) None of them
22. Whig do you understand by Mitre Wes? (a) An affair of the heart (b) Beyond limits (c) Beyond ones authority (:1) None of these 23. The slogan of the French Reiduton was. (a) One nation. one leader. and one Nag (b) Government of the people, by the people and for the people (e) Liberty, equality and fraternity (0) Werkers of the world unite
24 10 decameters am equal to (a) 2 hectometers (0) 3 hectometers (c) 1 hectometers (d) 4 hectometers
25 Headquarter of European Services Forum (ESF) is located in (a) Canada 00 France (c) Belgium (d) None of these
28 The vitamin Mach is generally excreted by humans in unne (a) Vitamin A (b) Vitamin (c) Vitamin C (d) None of these
27 The Poiitia of Truth' was written by: (a) Joseph Wilson (b) Ken Stars (c) Monbit Don (d) Sidney Sheldon 28 A man can survive without bed for at least (a) One month (b) Two months (c) Three months (d) Four months
29. Which of the foi.owing is an example of seasonal winds? (a) Thunderstorms (b) Monsoon (c) Cyclones (d) Anticyclones
30 A light year (a) 8.48 trillion ktOrneter6 (5) 948 trillbn kilometers (C) 10 48 tririon kilometers (d) None of those
31 Name the first Civil War among the Muslim* is. . (a) Battle of Siffin (b) Battle of Nahrawan (c) The Battle of Jamal (d) None of those
32. First women to win the Nobel P (a) Mother Teresa (b) Mrs Aung San Suu Kyi (c) Madame Marie Curie (0) None of these
33 Christopher Columbus was (a) An Wan explore (b) Feat modern European to dscover the Americas (c) Discover of Puerto Rico and Jamaica (d) All are comxt
34 Which of the following categones of Nobel Prizes was not created by Swedish Scientist Alfred Nobel? (a) Peace (14 Literature (c) Economics (d) Meddle 35 Who is called as 'Alexander of Muslim World? (a) Khalid bin Waleed (RA) (0) Uqba bin Natoli (RA.) (c) Seed bin AN Wapas (RA) (0) Amir bn Al-Ass (RA) 38 Who is axo known as the 'Lady with the
Lamp? (a) Florence Nighbng (5) Sarojini Naidu (c) Rani Laxmibal (d) Bachendri Pei 37. Pisa Tower is located in (a) Germany (b) Italy (c) France (d) Pans 38. Hezbollah. Islamic patty of Lebanon was established in which year? (a) 1973 (b) 1981 (e) 1982 (d) 1984
39. The bathe of Hunain was fought Jur after the conquest of Makah Which of the following was the year? (a) 628 AD (b) 628 AD (C) 625 AD (d) 830 AD 40 As Codes
4 related to Spain' in tlie same way 'Diet- Is related to what? (a) France (b) Italy (e) Japan (d) Denmark
41. She is hopeful het success in the CSS examination (a) In (1) by (c) Of (0) on 42 We mad not Oaf others. (a) On (0) with (c) At (d) in
43. He is jealous my promotion. (e) In (b) with (c) For (d) of
44 He introduced me his boss. (a) From (b) to (c) For (d) in
45. Substances used to bring rebel in pie) are called? (a) Ant pain (b) Anhpyratice (C) Antibiotics (d) Analgesics 48. Mat Lis the meaning of Key? (a) Solution (b) akin (C) Unrelated (d) style
47. What Is the meaning of Laudable? (a) Regrettable (0) hurt (c) Praiseworthy (d) unfit
48. Mat is the meaning of Munificent? (a) Generous (b) obscure (C) Imitate (d) per
49. What is the meaning of Nuptials? (a) Wedding (b) separation (C) Divorce (d) happy
50. A cot differs a dog. (a) Wth 04 from (c) For (d) in 51. As *Freedom Mr be:ongs to ham Zealand n
National Accountebilltv Bureau (NAB)
203 the Wee way Qantas Airlines belongs to what? (a) Mexico (b) Australia (c) Malaysia (d) treland 52 What =baud be the maximum value of B in the foovring equation? 5A9-7132.9C6=823 (a) 5 (b) (C) 7 (d) 9
53. A man can row with the stream at 10 knhr. and against the strewn at 5 kmihr. Man's rate in still water is? (a) 5 kriitnr (b) 2.5 km/hr (c) 7.5knVhr (d) 15lunthr Arlene amine belongs Afghanistan to and Ural Airlines belongs to (a) Russia (b) America (e) Iran (d) Ireland A train of 150 meters long is running with a speed of 3
0 krnair when will pass a standing man? (a) 18 sec (b) 45sec (c) 12sec (d) 5soc 58. The speed of a car is 75 nVsec Find the speed in km/hr? (a) 135 kmihr (b) 270 km/hr (c) 200krnihr (I) 250km8r 57. Ita:b.2:5andb.c.5-.6whallsa b.c? (a) 2 : 5:6 (b) 2.8:5 (c) 5:6:2 (d) 8:5:2 58 If three numbers in the ration 3 2 5 be such that the sum of their squares is equal to 1388. What is the middle one? (a) 12 (5) 18 (c) 19 (d) 24 If aitz = 3:4 andb:ce 2:3 whatisa lb:c? (a) 3 :
4 • 8 (b) 9:2:3 (c) 6:8:6 (0) 9:12:8 The least number exactly divisible by 12.1520,541r (a) 632 (b) 220 (c) 540 (d) 500 Which term is used for disobedience or wilful disregard to the judicial process? (a) Contempt of law (0) Contempt of court (e) Contempt of judiciary (d) Court default Under Section 249A of Cr. P.C., the Magistrate can acquit the accused at any stage: (a) After hearing prosecution. (b) After hearing accused. (c) After hearing both (d) None of these 63. In all cases Instituted upon police report.
54 55.
204 Advanced FPSC 8 Other Model Papers copies of the certain documents should be supplied to the accused rot later than days before commencement of trial (a) 16 (0) 7 (C) 30 (d) 38 64. Act:en:ling to secbon
127, Chapter IX of Cr. P.C• an unlawful/lawful assembly must tlacharge on order of (a) A Magistrate (b) A Police Offleer (C) A Session Judge (d) a & b 65. Is applicable to everything which is en offence or which is prohibited by law, or which furnishes ground for a civil action, and a person Is said to be whatever it is illegal in him to omit (a) Special law (b) Local Law (c) Illegal', 'Legally bound to do' (d) Inury 86. Denotes any harm whatever illegally caused to any person, in body, mind, reputation or property (a) Special law (b) Local Law (c) 'Legally bound to do-inforY 67. Whoever commits criminal breach of trust shall be punished with imprisonment of either desolation for a term which any extent of (a) Ten years (b) Seven years (c) Seven years or with fine or with both. (d) Life imprisonment. 88. Amish denotes the corrifoonlabc0; (a) To be paid to the victim or his hers (b) To the state and victim. (c) To Ne accused and his heirs. (0) None of these 69. Which of the fogowing refers to any of the participants in a court action or proceedings? (a) Plaintiff (b) Claimant (c) Third party (6) Party 70. Wadi of the following is the method of commencing proceedings whereby the order Is required by the petitioner from the oast is expressed as a prayer? (a) Plaint (b) Proceeding (c) Pleading (d) Petition 71. What is caged defendant's reply to a charge put to him by a court? (a) Statement (b) Plea (C) Defence (6) Petition 72. What does mean by 'Legatee? (a) Person to who state is given by lease (b) Person to whom personal estate is given
by w.l• (c) Person to whom personal estate is given by the government (d) Person to whom personal estate is given by somebody 73. What is caged institution or conduct of criminal proceedings against • person: (a) Suing (b) process (c) Review (d) Prosecution 74. What Is termed to order an accused person to be kept in custody or placed on bad pending further court appearance? (a) Remand (b) Custody (c) Arrest (d) Prosecuting 75. Civil Procedural Code. 1608 came into force on the (a) 1' January 1909 (b) January 1919 (c) 8" January 1910 (d) None of these 76 Decree passed by Consent of parties by the Civil Judge can be voided on the gerunds of fraud played by one the parties to the decree. (a) By appeal to the Higher Court (b) By making an application to this same court (c) By filing a Separate Suit. (d) None of these 77. The Court of Civil Judge passing the decree A applied for execution of the decree passed by (a) Cannot stay the operation of the decree (b) Can stay the execution till filing of the appeal to the higher court (c) Can stay the execution even after the PeriOd for fihng the appeal is expired (d) None of these 78 The property of the defendant can be attached' (a) Only after the decree is passed against him (b) Anytime after the suit is filed (c) None of these 79. Appeal may be filed against: (a) Decree (b) Consent Decree (c) Every Order (0) None of these 80 Every Civil Judge is subordinate to: (a) A Senior Civil Judge (b) District Judge (c) High Court (0) None of these 81. The name of the statute relating to criminal proceedings in Pakistan is• (a) Cr. P.C. (b) Criminal Procedure Code. (c) The Code of Criminal Procedure
(d) None of these 82. Which of the following can perform the duties of an SHO? (a) Sub-Inspector. (b) Any Officer up to the rank of Inspector General. (c) Any Officer above the rank of Constable (d) Police Inspector 83. Which ball bond is accompanied by an affidavit? (a) Bail before arrest (b) Bail after arrest (c) Bail in bail-able cases. (d) None of these 84. An Indifferent person between the parties. appointed by the court to receive rents Incomes and profits of lands or other things in question, pending the suit. where it does not Of when a party is incompetent to do so. Such a person is called. (a) Trust. (b) Beneficiary (c) Receiver (d) Bailiff 85. That, which affords grounds for civil action only. d it causes special damage is: (a) Nuisance (b) Injunction (c) Restraining breech (d) Trade mark 86. Civil Procedure Code. (a) Does not apply to Revenue Courts (b) Applies to the Revenue Courts by Notification of One provincial Govemment (c) According to the consent of the parses (0) None of these 87. The subsequent suit in which the matter in issue Is also directly and substantially in issue in a previously instituted suit between the same parties: (a) Its trial would be stayed (b) The plaint would be rejected (c) Plaint would be returned (d) None of these 88. A District Judge on the application by any of the parties (a) Cannot refuse to transfer the appeal pending in the Court of Additional District Judge. (b) Can Transfer the some for trial to any other Additional district Judge. (c) Must refer the application to the High Court (d) None of these 89. The correct procedure for the inspection of the court file is. (a) To submit an application before the Mimed (b) To submit an application before the clerk of Court.
National AccountsbIlift Bureau IMAM 205 (c) To submit an application before the Presiding Officer (d) None of these 90. Search of place shall be mode in the presence of: (a) Occupant of place. (b) A Police Officer (C) Two witnesses of the locally (d) None of these 91. Offence means: (a) Decree (b) An act Cr omission liable to punishment (c) A complaint of act under the cattle Trespass Act 1871. (d) None of these 92 Sub-division means a subdivision of a district: (a) Public Prosecutor (0) Subdivision (c) Pleader (d) Police Stab. 93. %Malan exposing the bone of the earn, the accused is said to cause. (a) Shajjah-fiDarnigha. (b) Shajjah-i-Mustiglan. (c) Cause Shaaah.i-Khafifah (d) None of these 94. After the Decree has been announced decree sheet is prepared by (a) The Presiding Officer himself. (9) The Reader of the Cote* (c) The Ahlmad of the Court. (d) None of these 95 An USunction which is granted whtle a suit is actually Pending and as object is to preserve the property Is dispute in 'status-quo'. until the hearing of the suit or until further order, is called: (a) Interlocutory injunction (b) Perpetual injunction (C) Mandatory injunction (d) Discretionary injunction 98. If the nuisance is legalized by statute. then: (a) Action will be (b) No action will lie (C) It cannot be legalized (d) A B 97. When there is no fixed fine Special Court shall fix the fine on the basis of • (a) Quality and quantity of the remote drug involved in commission of such offence (b) Psychotropic substance involved In commission of such offence (c) Controlled substance irwohred in commission of such offence (d) All of above 98 Where the Special Court finds a person guilty of an offence punishable under this Act and sentences him to imprisonment for a term

20E Advanced FPSC 6 Other Medal Paper exoeed:ny three years. the Court shall also order that his assets derivable from trafficking v, narcotic substances shall stand forfeited to the: (a) Federal Government (5) Provincial Governx-ent (c) Alt of above (d) None of these gg Who has authority to export narcotic drugs from Pakistan?
(a) Muslims only (5) No one (c) Every one (0) Citizen of Pakistan 1E0 Pius for gat1-1-amsd shall not be enforced (a) When the offender dies before the enforcement of ihn 0 sas (b) When the offender pu- shed w th 7az r (c) When the offender has c'ose rerro cr. with the victim (d) None of these
Answer Key C 66. 79. A 92 B A 67. 80. B 93. C A 88 81. C 94 Ft 69 82. 0 95. A A 70. 83. A 98. B A 71 84 C 97. 0 A 72. 85. A 98. A C 73. 88 B 99 B B 74. 87. A 100. A C 75 88. B B 78. 89. C D 77. 90. C C 78. 91 B
1. C 14. A 27. A 40. C 53. C 15. B 28. A 41. C 54. 3. C 16. A 29. 13 42 C 55 4. C 17. 8 30. 13 43. 0 58. 6. D 18. D 3t. C 44. B 57. 6. D 19. C 32. C 45. D 58. 7. A 20. B 33. D 48. A 59. 8. A 21. A 34 C 47. C 60. 9. A 22. C 35 B 48 A 81. 10. B 23. C 38. A 49. A 62. 11. B 24. C 37. B 50. B 83. 12. C 25. C 38 C 51. B 84. 13. C 26. C 39. 0 52. C 85.

1. The President of Pakistan, in consultation with the is competent to make any order for the purpose of removing any difficulties In respect of NAB Ordinance (a) Chief Justice of Pakistan (b) Chief Justice of klIgh Count (c) Chief Minister of Pakistan (d) Prune Minister of Paidsten 2. NAB Ordinance shah come into force at once and ghee be deemed to have come Into force from the (a) 1st day of January 1985 (b) 1st day of January 1998 (c) tst day of January 2000 (d) lst day of January 1999 3. NAB Ordinance was passed by president on (a) November 18. 1999 (b) November 17, 1999 (e) November 18. 1999
(c0 November 19. 1999 4 National Accountability Bureau Ordinance 1999 was promulgated by (a) President Faroop Ahmed Leghan (b) President Rat q Tariff (c) Pervez Musharaf (d) None of the above 5. The Chairman NAB may resign his office by writing under his hand addressed to (a) Chief Justice of Pakistan (10 President of Pakistan (e) Prime Minister (d) Chairman senate 8. As and when the Chairman NAB is absent or unable to perform the functions of his office due to any reason whatsoever act so the Chairman NAB (a) Chief Justice of Pakistan (b) Preeld.nt of P Alston
(c) Prime Minister (d) Deputy Chairman NAB 7. Who appoints Prosecutor General Accountability? (a) Chief Justice of Pakistan (b) President of Pakistan (c) Prime Minister (d) Chairman NAB 8 Who give advice to the Chairman NAB upon such legal matters and perform such other dotes of a legal character as may be referred or assigned to him by the Chairman NAB and in the performance of his duties, he shall have the right of audience .n at Courts established under this Ordinance and all other Courts and Tribunals in Pakistan (a) Chief Justice of Pakistan (b) President of Pakistan (c) Prime Minister (d) Prosecutor General Accountability Bureau 9. in consultation with the Attorney General of Pakistan, may. with prior approval Of the Chairman NAB, appoint Special Prosecutors to conduct prosecution of spear. Cases (a) Chief Justice of Pakistan (b) President of Pakistan (c) Pnrne Minister (d) Prosecutor General Accountability Bureau 10. Headquarters National Accountability Bureau (NAB) a at (a) Islamabad, Pakistan (b) Quetta Balochlstan (c) Lahore Punjab (d) None of these 11. The National Accountability Bureau was established on (a) November 16 1999 (b) November 17, 1999 (C) November 18, 1999 (d) November 19. 1999 12. The Chairman is the head of investigation. and serves for the term of (a) Four-year (0) Three years (C) Five years (d) None of them 13. The Prosecutor General Is the head of prosecution. and serves for term of: (a) Four-year (b) Three years (C) Fine years (d) None of them 14. Who may Impose other conditions for release
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) 207 from custody or detention? (a) Chief Justice of Pakistan (b) President of Pakistan (c) Prime Minister (d) Chairman NAB 15. The amount deposited by the accused with the NAB shag be transferred to the Federal Government or, as the case may be. a Provincial Government or the concerned bank or financial institution , etc. within of the date of such deposit (a) One month (b) Two months (c) Three months (d) 5Ix months 16. A person who commits the offence of corruption and corrupt practices shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to: (a) 14 years, or with fine. or with both (b) 15 years. or with fine, or with both (c) 16 years. or with fine. or with both (d) 17 years, or with fine. or with both 17. Any pence giving illegal gratification, or abetting, assisting or aiding • holder of a pubic office. or receiving or holding any property obtained or acquired by a holder of public office, through corruption or corrupt practices. or being a beneficiary of any asset. property or gain obtained through corruption or corrupt practices shall fall within the scope of this section and shall be liable to the same or a lesser punishment that may be awarded to a holder of a public office as may be deemed fit by the (a) Court NAB (0) Chairman NAB (c) Appropriate property (0) None of these 18 Where a person found guilty of an offence is sentenced to pay a fine. irrespective of whether or not a sentence of imprisonment is Imposed, the amount of the fine shag in no case be less than the gain derived by the accused or any relative or associate which may be set off against the. (a) forfeited or frozen assets and property (b) forfeited or frozen property (c) forfeited or frozen assets (d) None of these 19. trying a person for any offence as specified under this Ordinance. may. at any time, if there appear reasonable grounds for believing that the accused has committed such an offence, order the freezing of his
208 Advanced FPSC S Other Model Renew property, movable or immovable, or part thereof, whether M his possession or in the possession of any relative. associate or person on his behalf. (a) Court NAB (b) Ctuirman NAB (e) APProOrale property (d) Both a b 20. 11 the property ordered to be frozen under sub-section (a) is a debt or other movable property, the freezing may be made-(a) By seizure, (b) By appointment of receiver. (c) By proNbiting the dekvery of such properly to the accused or to anyone on he behalf, (d) Ali of these 21. If the property ordered to be frozen is immovable, the freezing OW. in On ere of land paying revenue, be made through the Collector of the district In which the land le situated, and in ell other cases' (a) By taking possession; (b) By appointment of receiver. (c) By prohibiting the payment of rent or delivery of property to the accused or to any other person on his behalf; (d) All of these 22. If the property ordered lo be frozen consists of livestock or is of a pensheble nature may, if it deems proper and expedient. order the immediate sale thereof and the proceeds of the sale may be deposited with the Chairman NAB or the Coun, or as ether may direct as appropriate. (a) Court NAB (b) Chairman (c) Appropriate property (d) Both a b 23. What is the punishment for Refuses to answer questions, or to provide information to the National Accountability Bureau or any other agency when required to do so? (a) 2 years or less (b) 3 years or less (c) 4 years or lens (d) 5 years or less 24. What is the punishment for Giving or fabricating false evidence during inquiry. investigation of an offence by the National ' Accountability Bureau or any agency? (a) 3 years or less (b) 5 years or less (c) 7 years or less (0) 8 years or less
25. What is the punishment for Fraud? (a) 14 years or less (b) 13 years or less (e) 12 years or loss (d) 11 years or less 28. Who was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan? (a) Khawaja Nazirn.ud-Din Liaquat Ali Khan (c) Abdul Rab Nishter (d) I.I. Chundngar 27. UNO's'01 for Food' Program is associated with Mich country? (a) Sudan (b) North Korea (e) Iran (d) Iraq 28. Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize? (a) C.V. Raman (0) R.N. Tagore (c) Mother Teresa (d) IA. Bunin 29. Masild Muir Khan is located in' (a) Multan ' (?) matte (e) Karachi (d) Lahore 30. When Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup? (a) 1992 (b) 1098 (c) 1999 (d) 2003 31. Name the king who fell from the horse while playing Polo and dad (a) Akbar (b) Muhammad Ghon (c) Zaheered-Din Babar (d) Clutbuddin Aibak 32. Pirpur Report was published in. (a) 1938 (b) 1939 (c) 1940 (d) 1941 33. 'Davis Cup' is associated with which of the following games/sports? (a) Cricket (b) Volleyball (c) Badminton (1) Tennis 34. The Famous book 'Jinnah of Pakistan' is wnnen by: (a) Hector Bolitho (b) !OK Aziz (c) Stanley Wolper' (0) G. Agana 35 The famous book The origin of Species is written by (a) Tennyson (b) Charles Darwin (c) Karl Marx (d) Virgil 36. Which of the foilowing is a Khan( crop? (a) Wheat (b) Rice (c) Gram (d) None of these 37. Mount Blanc Mountain is present in. (a) France (0) Italy (c) Nepal (d) India
38. The Eiffel Tower is located In (a) Germany (b) France (c) Italy (d) Australia 39. Napoleon Bonaparte was the King of: (a) France (b) Italy (c) England (0) None of them 40. In which year decisive battle between Muhammad Bin Oasim and Raja Dahr was fought_ (a) 712 (b) 711 (c) 715 (d) 718 41. The deepest point in the ocean a (a) Mariana trench (b) Galatea deep (c) Barth()4om deep (0) Mindanao deep 42. Fear of heights M called: (a) Altophobia (0) Agoraphobia (c) Acrophobia (d) Both a8c 43. Pakistan National Movement was established by Ch. Rehmat All (a) 1935 (b) 1937 (c) 1938 (d) 1933 44. Who was the first President of the Constituent Assembly? (a) Khawaja Nazen.LdiDin (d) Liaquat Ati Khan (c) Cluaclie-Azarn (d) Abdul Rab Nishter 45. Name the first woman speaker of US Congress is (a) Nancy Pabsy (b) Condaliza Rice (c) Nancy Pawed (4) Hillery Clinton 48 Which is the largest state of LISA? (a) New York ()) California (c) Texas (d) Alaska 47 Who a the first woman speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan? (a) Sobia Ranuan (b) Fahmeda Mirza (c) Sherry Rahman (d) !flat Ashiq 48 Name the first man to reach the South Pole on December 14. 1911 was (a) Sir Francis Drake ()) Ronald Amundsen (c) The Navigator Ferdinand Magellan (d) None of the above 49. Ronald Amundsen belonged to (a) England (b) Norway (C) Magellan (d) USA 50. Which one of the following gas was used as a chernIcse weapon in the First World War? (a) Carbon monoxide
National ACCountatillity Bureau BYAB) 209 (b) Hydrogen cyanide (c) Mustard gas (d) None of the above 51 What was the immediate cause for the outbreak of the Ent World War? (a) The Imprisonment of Lenin (b) The sudden death of Lloyd George (c) The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand (d) None of the above 52. Which of the follovang countnos is a landlocked country? (a) Uruguay (b) Pakistan (C) Switrodand (d) All of above 53. Which is the second longest mountain of the world? (a) Indies (c) Himalayas
(b) Karakoram (d) Hindu Kush
54. Which rNer crosses the Equator twice? (a) Amazon River (h) Congo River (c) Nile River (0) Indus River 55. mlch one of the fonovang is an ore of Iron? (a) Bauxite (b) Haematite (c) Ilmente (d) Gypsum 58. TO Mahal is situated on bank of over (a) Brahrnaputra (b) Ganges (c) Juana (d) None of these 57. -Budapest In the capital of Hungary situated on the bank of. (a) Rmor spree (0) River Volga (c) River Danube (d) River a, 58. The rivers Jhelum. Cherub, Ravi, Boas. and Suite) are tributaries of which river? (a) Gange (b) Indus (c) Yamuna (d) Brahrnaputra 59. Which of the fokowing rivers do not flow in Africa? (a) Nile (b) Congo (c) Zamberi (d) Tigns BO. 'Bahaman' Is the name of airline of (a) Indonesia (b) Saudi Arabia (c) France KO Bangladesh 81' Mahan Airline belongs to which country? (a) Iran (5) South Africa (c) India (0) Nepal 82. Who Is the highost run maker in limited over matches till 20127 (a) Jerssuriya (b) B Lana (C) Irtraman-ul-Haq (d) Tendulkar
:10 Advanced FPSC 8 Other Model Payer* 83. For how many times did Pakistan win Hockey Champions Trophy? (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 1 64. J.F. Kennedy 4 name of Airport of (a) Washington (b) New York (c) Seattle (0) California 85. Tau is the news agency of (a) United Kingdom (19 Russia (c) China (d) Australia 68. The foreign phrase De novo means (a) New (h) On one side only (c) Indefinitely (d) None of these 67 Imemational organization 'Human Rights Watch' is based in (a) New York (b) Geneva (c) P*Is (d) Rome 68. Scotland Yard's headquarter *located In the city (a) London (b) New York (c) Tokyo (0) Parts 69. World Tourism Day n observed on (a) 15th November (5) 27th September (c) 5th November (d) 17th September 70. Right to vote in elections is also termed as: (a) Franchise (b) Privilege (c) Initiative (0) Consent 71. The historic garden Shalimar was brat by Shah Jahan in (a) 1834 (b) 1839 (c) 1642 (0) 1852 72. Namibia ts the new name of (a) South West Africa (0) South East Africa (c) Zanzibar (d) None of them 73. Which of the following is the sacred hook of Hinduism? (a) Vedas (b) Upanishads (c) Ramayana (0) All of them 74. 'Ottawa convention 199T is related to: (a) Environment protection (b) Preserving rind life (c) Banning landmines (0) Banning chemical weapons 75. Which one of the following scientists started the modem system of using symbols for the elements? (a) Jona Jacobs Berzelius (b) Joseph Priestley
(c) Ernest Rutherford (d) John Dalton 78. Which UN Agency has Its H.O. in Pans? (e) UNICEF (b) ILO (c) UNESCO (d) FAO 77. How many Judges to the International Court of Justice are elected by the Security Council and Genera! Assembly for the term of 9 years? (a) 35 (b) 25 (c) 15 (0) 20 78. "Cutting Edge a the autobiography of (a) Ahmed Mushtaq (b) Javed Mended (c) Mal Gohar (d) Peer Ali Shah 79. When d4 Pakistan launch As first space satellite Bade-1? (a) August 10, 1991 (19 July 18, 1990 (c) September 12, 1992 (d) October 18, 1989 80. Who Is the that Secretary General elected from the rankers Staff of United Nations? (a) U Thant (b) Dr. Kurt Waklheim (c) Kofi Annan 99 Javier Perez De Cuellar 81. The oldest world organization is League of Nations. Where was its headquarter situated? (a) Geneva (b) Pans (c) London (0) Rome 82. Who invented the Steam Locomotive? (a) Edison (b) Stephenson (c) JRD Tata 99 Alexander 83. Largest imports are made by Pakistan from (a) China (b) Japan (c) Amerce (d) Canada 84. Which a the largest ilistncl of Punjab Province? (a) Vehari (b) Bahawalpur (c) Mullen (d) Dens Ghari Khan 85. The Sidhnei Canals start from the left bank of Ihe Ravi at: (a) Ravi (b) Sidhnai (c) Balloki (d) Trimmu 88. The Chashma Nuclear II plant was built with the help of: (a) Franca (b) Germany (c) Canada (0) China 87. The highest population density rate on Pakistan is in
National Accountability Bureau INA131 211
(a) Punjab (b) FATA (c) Islamabad (d) Sindh 88. Which country Is called land of 'Mighty Rivers? (a) Korea (b) Nigeria (c) Egypt (d) Ethiopia N. The deepest place in the Indian Ocean it Vostok (b) Sunda Trench (c) Isle Trench (d) Sundaes Trench 90. The Cabinet Mission announced their plan on: (a) 8th April 1947 (b) 51/1 December 1947 (c) 15th January 1947 (0) 16th May 1946 91. Lake Vostok is a sub glacial lake located In: (a) China (b) USA (c) Russia (d) Antarctica 92. The highest capital in the world is: (a) Belize (0) La Paz (c) Quito (d) None of these 93. Which one of the following is one of the seven wonders of Modem world? (a) The Eiffel Tower (b) Temple of Artemis (c) Rome (d) None of these (a) 1940 (0) 1859 (c) 1875 (0) 1872 95 Which country: parliament is considered the oldest parliament? (a) UK (0) China (c) Iceland (d) Russia 96. Which Is the longest Shipping canal of the world? (a) Suez canal (b) Panama (c) Beloye-Moro (0) Gola 97. The world biggest oil refinery (Abadan oil refinery) is situated in (a) Saud, Arabia (b) Iran (c) Kuwait (d) Iraq 98. Gatun Lake is located in which country? (a) USA (b) Netherlands (c) Canada d) Panama ( 99. 71h April is the day celebrated as: (a) Peace Day (b) Human Day (c) World Health Day (d) Water Day 100.10aus Martin Schwab a the founder of. (a) Red Cross (b) Amnesty international (c) World Economic Forum 94 Big Ben, a huge clock was installed at British (d) Human rights Watch Parliament in Answer Key 1. 14 27. D 40. A 53. C 68. A 79. El 92. B 2. 15. 28. 8 41. A 54. 13 87 B 80. C 93. A 3. 16. 29. D 42. D 55. El 68. A 81. A 94. B 4. 17. 30. A 43. D 58. C 69. 8 82. 13 95. C 5. 18. 31. 0 44. C 57. C 70. A 83. C 98. C 0. 19. 32. A 45. A 58. 8 71. C 84. B 97. B 7. 20. 33. 0 46. D 59. D 72. A 85. B 98 D 8. 21. 34. C 47. B 60. 0 73. D 88. D 99. C 9 22, 35. B 48. B 81. A 74. A 87. C 100 C 10. 23. 38, B 49. B 62. 0 75. 0 88. B 11. 24. 37. A 50. C 63. 8 78. C 89. B 12. 25. 38. (3 51. C 84. B 77. C 90. D 13. 28. 39. A 52. C 85 B 78. El 91.