About PakistanJobsList.com

Pakistan is one of those countries which are facing unemployment as a major issue. Its 64 % population is consisted of youth, among them about 6 % are unemployed. How to tackle this issue is a question mark?

The best answer of this question is that our students are far away from the usage of modern technologies and most of the time they rely only on traditional source of jobs advertisements i.e. Newspapers. But now trend is changing rapidly, the employers are now posting their jobs on the websites like www.pakistanjobslist.com to reach the professionals closer to their requirements. Now students don't need to buy expensive newspapers and have to visit market for the search of jobs, now they just need an internet connection that is available easily on cellular phones and land lines and go through the browser to search jobs according to their need.

In Pakistan most of candidates prefer government jobs over corporate sector jobs, to cater their this need www.pakistanjobslist.com has categorized all government jobs, by department to department, city to city and even segregated these jobs by provinces, so that the professionals from different provinces, and cities can easily access to their related area's jobs. Further www.pakistanjobslist.com has also categorized jobs under the heads of FPSC, PPSC, NTS, PTS SPSC, BPSC, AJKPSC, and KPPSC to facilitate candidates. This website also guides candidates from the advertisement to final selection in all these jobs commissions.

It is pertinent to mention here that in newspapers you don't know which job is exactly related to your skills, and qualification. This problem can be catering easily at the websites like www.pakistanjobslist.com, by simply searching jobs that exactly match to your skills and qualification.

Moreover placing advertisement and reaching exactly needy people through newspaper advertisement is a difficult task for the employer, now they can easily post their jobs at our website to catch exactly needy and skilled professionals with no cost.

www.pakistanjobslist.com is a place that provides a forum to students to just login and get information regarding the admissions, jobs and news related to jobs. This website is so helpful for students that's they can get information's regarding all sort of the jobs from government to corporate sector and this website not only provide information about

current and recent jobs but also provide detail information's regarding how to apply, detail profile of the employer, and old papers related to the job. Another major issue with our unemployed youth is that they are unable to find job at their home town. But this website has solved this problem by posting jobs with city names. So they can easily access a job that is located at their desired city.