Government of Pakistan Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Jobs Opportunity in islamabad

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Experience Requirements

Government of Pakistan Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Jobs Opportunity
Positions :
Social Mobilization and Communication Coordinator
MIS Coordinator
M & E Officer
Enumeration Officer
Office Manager
Operation Officer
Lead Trainer
Master Trainer
Case Manager
Grievances Redressal Officer
Data Management Officer
Logistics and Administration Associates
Field Associates
Office Assistant
Officer Boy

Benait Ir come Support Programme (BISP) intends to hire the services of qua: set-motivated Pakistani Nationals against the following positions. purely on contract bass. fc: a per.oC cc?: year Of its Desk Based Registration and Door to Door Survey for National Salo Economic Registry, (USER) National Rollout. Detailed TORS lathe posts (Sr. at Ito 121 can be donnloaded Iran votive
• POS7/SPVAGENACANCES REQUIRED QUALIFICATION & FPCPERIDICE 1. Seal Melikaion as Camaslake DikeIola (02 Posi6000 Salay. PKR 150.000110 zoo.000k Osalikallek Al least 16 years of Educational Ounscanon in CemourieadOn Sane- Jeumaism. Media Sciences Saul Sciences. a nary ravel field from HEC recognized Insley% Unfits:ex tweleent atm awe (05) years of communicantAns management event= al Medreloprred sector wilt dem internment in peeelopng pubic oommectiontroarns. social me'Ree aropa rts. and various other camtrocabOn products as per tie strategy Oualikation: At nap. 16 years of Educational Ouaincason in Computer Science IT. Sofrnare Engineering WS or in any Mena field from HEC recognized institute Universe,. faiterance: Minimum Int 105) Yeats or experience of martyry large scale eatia.innye (.05 apptcason and anal,tis COShOOards. wit abirty to perform CIA. dexteo tecmcar documental:et Ind lika.oualmi usatraang goes reports 2. MIS Cowie* (01 Poston) San RR 150.004410 200.0004 3. MU Olker (02 Posttest Salary:PIM 100.000110 150.0004 Onlikailar At least 16 years of Educational Our Ocean in Development Studies, Putts Poky. Socel Poky. Ecorsmcs. Business Adrdnistrate a in any retro led from HEC meowed., Umbrae amnia Experience: Ifinirran low (04) years of develOPmel Seder ntenence a deretra montane plans. data cokcbon. donated manaanxot and analysts. performance inontonng. trainng and capacity dedloprnent and producing high -gual. reports 4. beweratlen 011ker (01 Posiban) Say P103 100.01 to 160.000L Onalitalleec At least 16 years of Educational Ouanicabon in Oretkanent Studies. Ptak Poky. Social Percy. Ecommcs, &Suess karisraflon a in any relevant kid from NW recognized hseetteUriversay. Ewh.... Minimum low (04) yeas of wary (ensnention) des* and marooned aperSente in contlechard to reach areas ern an MAW lo Van and bold capacity of others MOM enumerator, Pia *ace and report inplerneragen progress. 5. Peke Manger (01 Poston) Salary KR 150.000110 200.000c Ovalificatlar At least 16 years of Educarenat OtrakaPon in Mange trod Sciences. PulAc ArMinsumond ay relevant hell from KC reeve/id InstokUnneratY Experience: At least ten (101 years of demonstrated once aannstraton. procurentt and ngisual support experience ri NW sector wee practical kreintalge of wiernment plan and procedures 6. Operatic OM* 101 Postai) Stay PKR 100.00 to 160.0130'- Osalification: A!teast 16 years of 1 axaeoral Ouaittabon in Management Scenes, Pubic Admnstrabra a any Wean ltd from HEC recognized Institute Urrveesty. Experience:Al least four (4) years ot ea:trance in Me dereloprw4 sects wit dad awakened in law-scat opermons rrininnerrel of government a Wakened projects. 7. Lead Traleei (02 Paens) Salary PPM 125.000110 200.0004 , OrralificatIon: At least 16 tears of Ectcatorial Walkman in Development Sr. Pudic Pcky. Said Poky. Economies. Business Admnstrason an any relevant let from HEC recognized knotute Unversity Experience: At least fax (4) yeas a weedy develyment and Prig expenence in the developrrant sector Ma deed invonement in developing Irking plans 3"01COntent for the inelementAbOn of large scale surveys rd soca mobezabon minas. S. Meskr Ras (04 Postons) SST PKR 75.000' to 100.0304 OwalikatIon: At least 16 yeas of Mani Owkliciew in Development Studies. Pak Poky. Social Poky. Econamics. Business Admnsfrato, or in any reknit kid from HEC ducked Irobtute lAtererstty Experience: Al least Tree (3) years of weeny development and early expos: nu 11 tic development sectawith hands-on Sky 10 mitt tangs root *Mont tedniques. pertain trainees assessments. an1 de elop inning repots. 9. Case Meatement/ Odeon, Retinal Mew (04 Positions) Salary PKR 100.00t6 to 1500004 (leslikalim:At least 16 years of Ekon/anal Otalkarxe in Ornament Studies. Rik Poky. Seoul Poley.Ltreamerd Soren. or n any relevant bed from HEC keypad hsatuteUriversity. Eperlence:At least lour (4) years a multi sworn dentcommt sector project impiementawn matte wen packet untlerstridrq and reporting of entrance redress mei:Warns 10 OSIllessummi Rear Ouffitaboit At least 16 years of Educational Ouatecaeon in Marooned Soences.Derespanent Studies. (comma. or in any relevant kid Iran HEC recoprwed Inseteetinnersty. bpsneece: Minirnum low (04) years of OSTIOnStrIttd 4.4%nenCt ol kid monadng data cok000n. data palm. nfontabon mortmerrwit. at autrsis along se Wes:49 SP iwity data management repo A (01 Position) Wry. Pit 100.0001 to 1500004 11. WOOS & MeManipa Anode* (02 Positions) &try PIM MAW to 125.05114 Ontlleadoit Al least 16 years of Educational Oualkatice in Busiwss Adnidstrak• Rtackrninistraten Commerce, ci any relevant Mk from KC reworked InsteuteUniversity. Walesa:Al leastene (3) years of edrrinistralion prostrated and Matta' Steaket opaline, irked owabons. and practical knowledge ol warmed pob:ies and awakes. It HS Astorlia (04 Positions) &try PAR 60.000410 125.0004 OrIllialot At least a Bachetrs degree in Soots Science. Ma age Sciences. MAR Adnristrabon or n any retro ltd from HEC wounded Institute/ letnney. bowlines:At least free (3) years d kid management. soma moCiliake project admen's-14m ard logistical support experience kin brniarity win tape scale suney genbons. 13. 011OR ASSIM1 (03 Positions) Say P101 50.0001 to 110.0004 Osillkallat Al least Grafts in Management Sciences. Pudic Anneistralat an any relevant bet from NEC recognized Instate/ tlithially. Eapaleaw: Al leas* two (2) yews of relevant edema in arankietrateni matkemme In any extecttince sector orginiabs. 14. DOS (04 Posttest Say PKR 30.000110 40004 Cleallitallot Al bast malftdale. bpMeece: At least one (I) year of floral emafera la any paMlvme seder orpantalon we aid chew kerne 42 least URA. 15. 011ks IlsylPstalbt Gaud (03 POStOnS) Salary PKR 20000' 10 25.0014 Witt Al least nutrolate. Emerleact Al least one (1) year of relevant experience in any seblicMivate sector oroirkaece.
a' Only shordisted candidates sheltie called for interview based on their per famance in the Screening Test. • TAN.ASIalnabeadmsside. • No Age relaxation will be adnissee. • BISP is an equal °opal !unity etnilOyee and encourages an genders and candidates WOKS, 10 marginXized segments of SOCielytOappa • BISP reserves the right to increase/decrease number of posts a. Candidate to be appointed mconractbasissWn0 Claim reglaniatte On any Wounds and nil not be regdanzed in Government Service. °nab* 1. Application Forms and online deposit slips are available on Candidate TeSta19 Services (CTS) websile www.cls.orpok 2 Applta bon must be received at the given address not Later than fifteen (IS) days of the putkatien Of this advertisement. 3 Candidates Testing Services a BISP nor not be responsible for late receipt of app cation sent through post Or by any other courier service. 4 Candidates are required to send her prescribed application forms tattle posts along with online deposit slips on ono nali to. Candidates Testing Services. Office No.6. 2" Door. United Plaza. 96-E. Blue Area. Islamabad. (Ph: 051-21Z01 00-212 vninv.cls.orgok
Director HR (HO & Policy) Room Ho. 221. Second Floor P10(1)4440/19 BISP. F-Block, Pak SecreIanat. Islamabad 051.9246325